Towing a Caravan or Trailer – Top Tips and Advice

On the off chance that you breezed through your test before first January, 1997, you can for the most part drive a vehicle and trailer mix up to 8.25 tons. more information

In the event that you passedon or after first January, 1997, you can tow a trailer behind a classification B vehicle without stepping through a further examination if the trailer doesn’t surpass 750 kg. A Category B vehicle is a four-wheeled vehicle with a MAM not surpassing 3.5 tons which has not in excess of eight traveler situates notwithstanding that of the driver. 

In the event that you need to utilize a Category B vehicle to tow a trailer surpassing the point of confinement above, at that point you should breeze through a viable Category B+E test. In the event that you need to drive a vehicle with a MAM surpassing 3.5 tons, for example, a RV, you should pass a Category C or C1 test.

Your drivers’ handbook will typically give data on the most extreme reasonable trailer mass which can be towed by your vehicle, alongside the greatest noseweight which ought to be connected to the tow ball. There are additionally some legitimate cutoff points on loaded weight of unbraked trailers, which you should know for your specific vehicle.

Typically, regardless of whether as far as possible are expressed as higher, you are more secure if the heaviness of the stacked trailer does not surpass 85% of the void (kerbside) weight of the towing vehicle, particularly on the off chance that you unpracticed at towing!

While towing, the length of your family auto can be viewed as multiplied. Outside towing mirrors will be required for an unmistakable view down the two sides of the trailer/train. The utilization of a decent stabilizer fitted to the tow bar can make the mix simpler to deal with, particularly in crosswinds, or while being overwhelmed by lorries and so on.


Weight conveyance is the way to solidness while towing. Substantial things ought to be stacked as wicked good as could be allowed, chiefly finished the pivot/s of the trailer or troop. Bigger, however lighter things, for example, bedding and garments, ought to be dispersed around to give a reasonable noseweight at the towing coupling, as prescribed by the producer. This noseweight can be estimated utilizing a cheap check from troop stockists. Individuals ought to never be permitted to movement in a parade when it is being towed!


On the off chance that you are new to towing many Driving Schools offer short courses on moving and wellbeing while towing. The National Caravanning Council give a definite booklet on the same, and counsel can be picked up from one of the substantial caravanning associations.

Careful discipline brings about promising results, so go to a peaceful auto stop to ace moves and strategies before taking off.

Security CHECKS

It is indispensable that any heap is conveyed with the goal that it’s anything but a risk to other street clients. The accompanying checks ought to be made to your trailer or convoy before you set off on your adventure:

• Correct stacking, with the privilege noseweight on the towbar;

• Correctly hitched up, with breakaway link, or auxiliary coupling, legitimately associated and the coupling head completely drew in and bolted;

• All lights and markers associated and working;

• Jockey haggle in completely stowed position;

• All windows, rooftop light and entryways appropriately shut and secure;

• Brake frameworks is working legitimately;

• Tire weights are right.

• All fuel supplies are anchored and killed i.e. Fluid gas cyclinders.

• The trailer or troop ought to be fitted with feels sick of the predefined rating as said in the producer’s handbook.

Tire controls additionally apply to trailers and convoys, so check tread profundity and any harm to the sidewalls of the tires. It is shrewd to raise a band on bolsters in the event that it is to stay remaining for significant lots, taking the weight off the tires and dragging out their helpful life.

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