The Powers That Be – Is The Music Industry Pimping The Music?

The music industry made up of several record labels is often given a “bad rap”. No, they do not force our children to become the negative music that they sell – remember most of us have freedom of choice. Nevertheless , what they are guilty of is flooding the market with the same types of music and turning a deaf ear to any music that will not squeeze into their profit margin. So , what you don’t hear – you won’t want to buy. The music industry has always done this, but even more so now that their profits are decreasing due to the popularity of online websites who offer a sizable library of music not only from designers we are familiar with, but new artists who have not been able to break through the industry road blocks. Music labels are notorious for keeping music that does not promote their interest off of the radio stations by making sure that the background music that DOES promote their interest is played in rotation – what kind of deals do they make? Can it be payola? Not sure – that is for a legal mind to determine. The fact remains that only certain music selections are on the environment – and we keep listening and buying the same song, different musician – similar to the music labeling want us to. mixtape hosting packages

The Pimp Factor

Recording brands have even been known to contract with an artist, so that they can own your rights to their music – and then refuse to publicize it – why? To control what you and We listen to on the. radio and keep the type of music that they want to promote in the forefront. In any other arena this action would be considered as “pimping”. This could appear like a harsh term – but what is a Pimp? According to the website EduQna “What Does Pimping My Ride Mean? “, the reason fits pretty well “‘Pimp my Ride” is a phrase meaning the modification of (something), usually, impractical but very flashy way (assume pimp-like). (making) modifications, and so forth (something being) altered to achieve the appearance (something more media than real)”. I really love EduQna’s Rough parallelverschiebung: “Please sir, if you would kindly pull the cash from my pockets to make my (possession) appeal to my need for compensation. ” In case the word fits, recording brands should wear it. Many artists have complained that they feel “pimped out” as a result of types of contracts they innocently sign just to break into the industry – the signing may be innocent, but the wording of the deal is by design – to control the music and the artist who creates it.

The music industry is actually shooting itself in the foot and hemorrhaging slowly by not joining with online music sites whereby both can profit. However, in the hard work to control the industry as it has in the past, they may be lacking out on a huge chance to sell a larger variety of music to their demographic target – 13 to 18 year old listeners. But those guests are growing up and due to their computer and internet abilities, they are “hacking” into an online market of music that the mainstream music industry cannot touch – Online Streaming Music.

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