Tape Technology VS Ancient Forms of Stored Backups

Method to large sized businesses have a huge database so they trust LTO-4 Info Tape more than some other source of back up. There are a quantity of reasons due to which they may have started relying on these tapes for protection. First of all to get started with, some years back people do not have resources and advanced technology devices to protect and preserve their vulnerable records, files and information. They used written form of storage. Later on, advancements were made in the field of technology and technology hence computer systems were invented. Therefore, rate of interest cap altered to using computers as their storage system. Nevertheless both these earlier used techniques of data management have limitations. fusionex founder

Problems with by using a written form of backup system

Written form of storage is employed generally by small businesses who wish to save their cost. Even though by writing every significant record or information on some paper can help them in reducing the cost but it has many limitations. Written form of preservation takes a lot of your time and work. Moreover, it is opened up to human errors. And most importantly, information on an item of papers is more likely to fail to find a way out, lost or worn out as time passes. 

Problems with using computer systems as a safe-keeping system

Even though the computer is a magic lamp of information and efficiency but when it comes to data storage space, there are many restrictions to its use. Personal computers can handle carrying out such diverse commands and offers uncountable benefits. It might store large amounts of data but this data is in a great danger of getting lost as a consequence to viruses, hardware malfunctions and theft. Consequently, a business can maintain all its records on the computers nonetheless they should not only rely on this one source. Instead, backing up up such vulnerable and important business information is a highly a good idea practice.

Solution to the problems mentioned above

Up to now we have covered almost all the issues related to keeping data. Now it’s time to find a solution to these problems. What else can solve this problem more proficiently than a highly reliable and cost effective LTO technology? LTO technology has proven itself to be the most reliable storage systems created so far. The LTO-4 tape in particular has high-quality data ethics maintaining features which help the businesses in obtaining it as it is.

How LTO-4 tape helps in solving these problems

LTO-4 Tape is designed in a way that it has the exact highest degree of data security and protects it from any sort of corruption, viruses or fraud. Quantum MR-L4MQN-01 is one of the models on these tapes. A number of the features of this system are its capability of saving 800GB of raw data and 1 ) 6TB of compressed data. It is efficiency increasing features include fast transfer rate and smooth tape surface.

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