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We here at Sticky Pod need to convey our information and revel in of which camera makes and fashions paintings finewith the Sticky Pod whilst connected to any automobile, truck, van, boat, motorbikeaircraft, RV, motorhome, trailer or every other automobilesome cameras paintings top notch and others, by using layout, will simply no longer paintingsvery well. First permit‘s examine cameras hooked up to a carcar front and back dash cam

Cameras installed To A vehicle

Sticky Pod vehicle cameras may be the smallest bullet (lipstick) cameras up to the largest Hollywood film cameras mounted to any automobile in the worldbutsome cameras absolutely carry out an awful lot better than others. the primary factor we need you to realize is the materials that the digicam itself is fabricated from. All cameras are constructed from plastic with a metal subframe under the plastic to preserve the whole thing togetherthese steelsubframes are the important thing to creating a digicam paintings properly with a Sticky Pod. the first issue you mustlook for in any camera, is one which has a metallic mounting socket. it’s the screw hole that you use to attach the Sticky Pod to your digicamnearly all cameras use them, but a few very small cameras do no longer have room for them, so please be careful what you buy. As you’ll see whilst you exit to buy a digicam (or on your present digicam), lots of them have a plastic mounting socket. those cameras still have a metallic subframe, however the manufacturer selected to apply the plastic housing to assist your digital camera on a mount. this is the worst kind of mount to be used with a Sticky Pod. The plastic flexes and you can not tighten the camera to the Sticky Pod as it will strip the threads in the digicamsince the plastic at the digicam will flex, this produces shaky, risky video even as using, and isn’t the fault of the Sticky Pod, however of the digicam itself. We do provide you with video instructions on how to use your Sticky Pod and we do providea few examples of what you may do to minimize the shake of a digicam with a plastic mounting socket.

alternativelythere are numerous makes and fashions of cameras that use metal mounting sockets. those cameras have a mounting socket this is connected directly to the metal subframe of the camera itself. that is an tremendous digital camera to select for it’s energy and stability while set up to a Sticky Pod. not handiest can you get a terrific tight matchfor your Sticky Pod, however those cameras produce a long way extra solid and usable video, pix or movie. So before you buymake sure to evaluate cameras and their bodily functions.

What To Do next?

in case you have already got a digicam with a plastic mounting socket, you may still use it with a Sticky Pod, however you may find the films or photos to be unwanted when the usage of your camera at excessive speeds at the internal or out of doors of any vehicleit truly is now not to say which you have to no longer strive or that you can not use the digital camera elsewhereevery now and then the road you are driving on could be very easy and the camera will not soar or vibrate. different timesyou’ll use your Sticky Pod in a stationary environmentwhich includes surveillance from a window in your house or officebear in mind, the Sticky Pod can stay in area for numerous days on a window or every other clean non-porous floor. We additionally provide a tether for brought safety in the occasion some thing takes placewhen you‘re no longer aroundsomething our competition do not even offer and that they by no means have. That ought to let you know some thing about us. Any way you examine it, the Sticky Pod will maintain your digicam in morelocations, for an extended time, than another digicam mount on the market today. The secrets and techniques within thesuction cups.

if you have already got a digicam with a metal mounting socket, congratulations, you’ve got a perfect suit for any surroundings. This type of digicam has the strength and sturdiness for many years of use and it works notable with any Sticky Pod version.

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