Rent or buy? Calculator for determining the benefits.

Rent or buy? Calculator for determining the benefits.

Anyone planning their own future inevitably asks at some point whether the construction or purchase of a home is not more useful in the long term than continuing to live for rent. Rent or buy? When is a home equity financing worthwhile, under what circumstances is it better to consult with a rental property?

If you have already decided to buy a house or apartment, you can use our mortgage calculator to determine the monthly rates of mortgage loans offered by various banks and intermediaries based on working day updated conditions. You can set all relevant parameters for an annuity loan – from the initial repayment to the interest rate commitment, the mortgage lending spell and the request rate you are looking for.

Important questions

Important questions

For the vast majority of buyers and builders, having one’s own home is a life-long decision – both financially and emotionally. Extremely important for decision-making is the factor economy. For an in-depth answer, there are several factors to consider:

  • Are the living conditions correct, is the income regular and secure?
  • Does family planning play a part in the decision?
  • Is there enough equity capital available?
  • How high may the interest on the financing be?
  • After how many years does the decision pay off financially?

In many cases, the acquisition of a property financially does not pay for itself in the same year. Only after some time the owner of a home profits against the tenant – at least as far as the costs are concerned.

With our rental / purchase calculator can be quickly and easily determine which option brings more benefits for you. Simply enter your individual details in the following form.

The rental / purchase calculator shows you the duration until the purchase pays off in relation to the annual charges. You will also see your savings advantage over the next 10, 20, 30 and 40 years.

Operation manual

operation manual


  • Annual cold rent: Here, the annual cold rent, ie rent without operating or ancillary costs, must be entered. Take a look at your rental agreement and multiply the basic rent you put in by 12.
  • Rent increase pa: As rents increase in the course of the year, this point must also be taken into account. As a rule, an expected “increase in tenants” of up to 1.50% per year is assumed. For a better insight, below you will find the data of the Federal Statistical Office from the years 2005 to 2014.
    The default is an estimated 1% per year. Statistically speaking, net cold rents have risen by an average of 1.1% per annum in the years 2005 to 2010, with the increase in southern Germany rising by approx. This was around 1.5% and only 0.5% in the East (Source: Federal Statistical Office).

Property for sale

  • Total price of the property: Enter the pure purchase price or the construction costs of your property.
  • Purchase costs: The costs that you have to pay in addition to the purchase price include, for example, brokerage costs, notary and court costs as well as land transfer tax. For a construction project, land and construction costs must be stated. If you do not have this value at hand, you are priced between 10 and 15 percent of the total price of the property.
  • Maintenance costs pa: Homeowners not only incur the usual additional costs, but also the costs of maintenance. As a rule, a lump sum of 3 to 6 euros per square meter of living space per year is used.
    For older properties, the maintenance or modernization costs are generally slightly higher. Often, certain refurbishment or modernization measures can be co-financed when buying a home, eg. B. a new heating system. This saves in the long term by lower energy costs. Real estate is considered to be very stable in value and can even increase in value over the years.
  • Value increase pa: The value of building land and real estate is also rising continuously. In the expected “increase in value” of the object as a rule of thumb, 1.50 percent per year.


  • Equity: Higher equity and faster repayment benefit in view of the shorter loan term for real estate acquisition. With low equity and repayments, as well as higher investment rates, the trend is towards rented apartments.
    Caution: Although employer loans are considered by banks as equity, in this calculation you should only state the equity that you own.
  • Debit Interest: The debit interest rate is the interest rate with which the loan actually earns interest.
  • Repayment rate: Use the phases of low interest during construction to pull up the repayment component. This reduces the loan term and at the same time reduces your interest charges.

Calculation of a comparison facility

  • With the interest rate , we assume that free capital is saved and attracts interest. Depending on your choice, the z. B. as at any time available overnight money or as a fixed deposit with a defined term.
  • Finally, indicate whether you are married or not, because for married people the saver tax credit is 1,602 euros, otherwise only 801 euros.

Although the calculator can not give an accurate forecast, it can be examined – even under the assumption of different scenarios regarding the future rent and performance – under what conditions the investment in your own four walls can be worthwhile.



What advantages and disadvantages of buying a property or renting it from the consumer’s point of view is shown by our infographic:

If you decide to build or buy a property, you can take advantage of the free and non-binding financing offer. Get an individually tailor-made offer and include this in your considerations.

Request a free quotation for individual mortgage lending

Request a free quotation for individual mortgage lending

As every home loan should be tailored to your needs, we recommend that you consult an expert when planning the financing. Using the form below, you can request a free and non-binding financing consultation and a corresponding offer from Interhyp AG, one of the leading mortgage loan intermediaries in Germany:

The financial calculators provided on this portal under the section Computer Collection are own developments that have been constructed strictly according to regular formulas of financial mathematics. Nevertheless, the results serve only as guidelines and orientation. We assume no liability for the correctness. Are you interested in the calculator as a white-label solution? Please feel free to contact the editors.


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