ICO game: Would it worth the risk?

Following the growing number of ICOs in gaming is the raising issue of scam one. As an investor, here are the 5 point you need to pay attention to in order to protect yourself from scams.


1.The idea

Every ICO starts with a good idea that is fresh and meets the demand of the customers. In order to tell if it is a good idea or not, you need to understand the trend of the market and customers’ need. In the gaming industry, a new idea will definitely attract the community’s attention.  AR Applications In Gaming


  1. Technology platform

“Control the tech – Control the game” – As we are experiencing the technology 4.0 revolution, this is a vital truth for most game developers. Being the first handed in technology will create “dominate” advantages in the fierce market of game.


The recent preferred technology by Game developers is Blockchain technology and its applications (Smart contract, IoT) in combination with AI and Big Data. These technologies have their own strengths and weakness but all are able to deliver a better experience for gamers.


An example for game project applied Blockchain is ARhunter – an augmented reality game.


As the first project launched by VBAEMU, the leading company in technological solutions and AR application in Gaming, ARhunter is a promising project as it delivers extraordinary and realistic gaming experiences for players. Along with Blockchain 3.0 and AR, the game also integrates with smart contract, AI, and Big Data, bringing the gaming standard to a whole new level. ARhunter is expected to surpass is old brother -“Pokémon Go”, setting it position in the gaming industry.



The game is based on a simple rule: hunting treasures using clues provided by the Developer (locations and required missions). “Hunters” job is to solve the puzzle and find the valuable treasure, which can be converted into VBA coin. ARhunter is expected to dominate the game market with its unique gameplay, as well as create a new leading trend in marketing using the new tech AR.


It is such a potential project, so why not join ARhunter ICO to get ARH Token. In the future, ARH Token can be converted to VBA coin with the exchange ratio of 1 to 1. The coin can be used as a payment method in ARhunter game as well as a variety of other AR games developed by VBAEMU.


3.Development team




Ninety percent of the success of ICO bases on its development team. Make sure to take time in researching the development team, from its leader, each individual, the company behind them, to their works and the latest products. You should know well their capability, reliability, and influential in the community. Having a good development means that the project is more likely to succeed.



Many find the Whitepaper unnecessary as it’s nothing more than a long version of prospectus. Still, it contains more information than you think. From how it presented to the actual content, read the whitepaper carefully as the right investment decision can be made upon it.


  1. ICO Roadmap

The roadmap or timeline of an ICO will provide you an overview with dates of what the company would do to bring their idea to live, as well as the vision of ICO developer in long-term. From the roadmap in fullest will contain the development plan, goals, vision, challenges, risks, and opportunities.


Above is the 5 most important point investors should consider before putting a bet on and ICO game. Make a comparison table with these 5 attributions to find the best ICO to invest for you!

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