How to Add a Facebook Like Button on Your Website or Blog

No doubt you’ve seen a strange little “thumbs up” icon showing on various websites that you visit. So what is it and why is it popping up like little mushrooms all over the web? Referenced to as Facebook “Like button”, it is there for a very particular purpose and if you run almost any business, you definitely should look at including this icon on your website and below is why. acheter des likes instagram

What is facebook . com Like Button?
Adding fb Like button is another tool to add to your arsenal for supporting your page rank higher in the search engine ranking and definitely will help make more traffic. Additionally it is a very efficient marketing tool to work with to let others share the phrase about your product, service or website. 

The Just like button is a sociable plugin and one of the main among Facebook’s existing plugins. Just add some code to your site and the button becomes “personalised” for any traveler to your site who clicks, allowing that invitee to post an immediate link to your website on their Facebook account. Pretty powerful, hey?

Even so remember, in order to include facebook Like button on your site, you need to have an account on Facebook, that is, have set up your personal profile on Facebook. It then simply a couple of grabbing the code and putting it “under the covers” on your website. If if you’re not technically minded, your web support person can do this for you or contact us and we’ll sort it away for you.

Imagine if I actually have more than one website?
No issue! For those who have more than one website, there are limits to the amount of times you can use of the Facebook or myspace Like icon. You can post it in your websites to push as much traffic as you prefer.

This kind of can be in addition to any text website link or Facebook “badge” packing containers you may curently have on your site. Such as Want button on your website or blog adds another way for your tourists to instantly become a fan of your business without you having to log into Facebook. The moment a visitor likes your page, a link to your page is added to their profile – instant exposure for you!

Can I customise facebook or myspace Like Button?
When using the Like button on your website or blog, you also have several options how you can make it display. You can use just the familiar Facebook thumbs up icon with the phrase Like or you may include the names and account photographs of the people who have liked your page. Another option is to show the amount of men and women with liked your page near the Love button.

So how do you post the Just like button on your site?
It’s a fairly simple process that involves the use of standard requirements you can comes from Facebook itself.

**Techno-babble Alert**
Basically, you have two options. You can use the XFBML code or the Iframe code. The Iframe tag has a fixed size while the XFBML tags are more flexible and even allows posting of comments on a particular website.

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