Dies Used in the Aluminum Tube Bending Process

You will find different techniques in practice that are adopted when you have to bend aluminum tubes depending on uses of the final product. While some pipes are bent using compression, others are bend over using mandrel or engagement ring rolls plus more with regards to the kind of application the end product has available in the market. Folding aluminium tubes have various uses in several areas. Nowadays apart from the benders, it’s the bend dies, grip dies and the pressure dies that makes the bending of pipes and tubes possible. KP-LOK tubing bender

Bend perish:

The bend die is one of the basic tools required for twisting. With the help of this die, the radius for the procedure is set up. There are different types of bend dies depending on result required. Some of them are one-piece passes away, platform dies and placed dies. While the one piece bend die is among the most affordable and is the best performing die, the platform die is what you need to use if you need a tiny centre series radius and an put die offers versatility in your operations. Thus each die has its use and benefit. 

Clamp dies

The clamp dies are being used to clamp the metal during the bending process. You will discover different types of grip dies such as chemical grip section dies, reach adjusted clam dies, custom grip clamp die, and gooseneck clamp dies. Almost all these clamp dies give different outputs, thus they have to be determined in line with the end product that you want to obtain.

Pressure dies:

Some of the several varieties of pressure drops dead are static dies, traveling dies, and reach tweaked dies. The pressure is disapated works by applying pressure to the metal during the bending process. When the static pressure expire does not move during the complete process, the traveling pressure die moves at the bend speed or faster than bend rates in some cases.

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