Create Your Life On Purpose – God and The Law Of Attraction

Make your Life On Purpose-God and the Law of Fascination


My Disclaimer- What I actually is about to write is what I imagine. It is not an invitation for an debate or designed to antagonise anybody. It really is my phrase of truth as I actually know it. I’m sure it is going to continue to increase as I evolve and grow more deeply in the Love of God. In the event what is read brings any offence, it is unintentional and therefore beds down after the shoulders of the one who may have recently been offended. If you may enjoy it, or it problems you, don’t read my stuff. Go write your own stuff.¬†Apa Hukum Mempelajari Ilmu Tajwid

If you read this and also have questions, I’d wish to answer them. But I am not going to answer claims or attacks-should any come, because those people are not looking to understand where I’m coming from, they are really simply wanting a platform to outshout me personally. Well, I won’t holler back, I’ll just strike ‘delete’, so spare all of us all, please. Yes, just covering myself here. Rofl¬†

Humour me.

In the past (and people like to argue about how precisely long, because in majoring on the minors, they can be distracted from the complete point! )… anyway, like i said, a long time in the past, the Universe came to exist…

It’s All a Build

A certain ‘person’, who many people that like him affectionately term God, collection up just how things should be. The whole creation exuded forth from God’s fact as ‘the work of his hands’ like a potter with his clay-based. (We humans also emerged forth from God, putting his likeness even to the point of writing in the function of consciousness but like a baby, developed a capacity to hold an specific state of consciousness. ) And this which came through his creation bears his characteristics. And perhaps they are CONSISTENT characteristics. These traits are known to scholars as the Natural Laws of Research. They are referred to by lovers of Goodness as the size of God.

In Proverbs 3: 19-20 it says,

By simply wisdom the Lord put the earth’s foundations,

Via understanding, He set the heavens in place,

Via knowledge the forest were formed and

The confuses let drop their dew.

I love how in the French version, the meanings of wisdom, understanding and knowledge are more fully clarified. For one thing, the word ‘knowledge’ is la science.

Permit me state this here:

God and Science have never been and not will be in enmity to one another. The faith based bollocks that are insecure by Science do not know this Creator Goodness. They serve a man-made one who is sprinkled with contradictions and so can certainly topple… thus seems threat just like any other fragile ego.

Our god set everything up to flow and performance within his laws of development… the natural state.

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