Can You Wear Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses?

coloured contacts are anywhere, being sported by using musicians, conference attendees, and, it seemshuman beingsfrom all walks of lifestylesthey could exchange your eye shade to something a touch subtlewhich includes from inexperienced to brown, or something a chunk greater wild, such as vibrant purple or white. but can you put on non prescription shade touch lenses? Is it secure to? coloured contacts may be bought nearly anywherefrom your eye medical doctor, to many retail storesbut there are some things to preserve in mind whilst buying them. LensVillage

There are kinds of colored lenses. the primaryknown as unmarried shade, are normally the cheapest and subtly changeyour eye colorationthe second onedual colour, are used whilst you need a more radical changethere are manylegitimate brands accessible, and these brands typically promote prescription contacts as well

They can be disposable, that means you may wear them everywhere from a day to 2 weeks. They can also be vial colouredwhich means that they could last up to a year.

Your quality guess is to check along with your eye doctor first even supposing what you really need are non-prescription coloured contacts and you suspect you do now not want vision correction. Contacts come in many styles and sizes, and, if illfitting, can damage the eyes and lids. Your doctor can give you an excellent idea of what length to search foras well aspromote coloured contacts in case you are seeking out a mild change in eye colorationthey’ll also be able to inform you on reputable brands that sell a wide sort of colored contacts. a few places also offer a loose eye exam with the acquisitionof contact lenses.

whilst you could buy coloured contacts at many shopsin the US, it’s miles unlawful to buy or sell them without the consumer having a prescription. This law became surpassed in 2005, after numerous human beings mentioned infectionand eye tissue harm after purchasing and wearing coloured contacts with out a prescription. In other international locationsincluding Canada, there is no regulation requiring a prescription, although it is a very good concept to have that eye examination prior to buying the preferred contacts. Ordering contacts online from different international locations isn’t always a totally wise coarse of motion.

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