Becoming a Driving Instructor

Happen to be you contemplating becoming a driving instructor? This post will provide you with some of the reasons to achieve this and the process that needs to be followed that you can reach this goal. Read on for more information.

So, why choose a career as a driving instructor? adi vacancies

– Job Satisfaction – this career will give you such job satisfaction because you know that you are teaching people a skill for a lifetime. When your pupils pass their test, it provides you with satisfaction and gives you great pride in your job! 

– Flexibility – you will have the liberty to choose your working hours and the location of your work. This will permit one to achieve a good work/life balance.

– Getting your own boss – as with the flexibleness, you will have the possibility to choose when and where you work, hence being your own manager!

– Good income – there is a potential that you can earn hundreds of pounds per week, the total amount you earn will depend on the quantity of hours you wish to work.

– Job Secureness – annually hundreds of pupils leave school and 90% of these students will be looking to figure out how to drive. There will never be considered a shortage of work!

You do not need any previous requirements in order to become an Approved Driving Teacher (ADI). All you need is the following:

– To have held a full UK car generating license for at least 4 years out of the last six years (you must not have been disqualified from driving a car over the last 4 years)

– To become “fit and proper” person, in the view of the DSA

– To be able to read a vehicle number platter from at least 92 feet/27. 5 metres

– You must have a criminal record and driving record check accomplished.

– You are required to pass the Approved Traveling Instructors exam. This is made up of one theory exam and two practical exams.

In order to ensure you efficiently pass all 3 regions of the Approved Driving Teachers exam, it is important to take part in the Approved Driving Course instructors Program.

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