envidraçamento de sacada

The envidraçamento de sacada has attracted more and more residents of condominiums for both modern and elegant aesthetics, as well as thermal and acoustic functionality, as well as security for the whole family.

Nowadays, the type of closure most used in the apartment is the retractable, allowing the total opening of the balcony.

In a single rail it is possible to open and join all the glass in the same space. In addition, the apartment can appreciate itself because it finishes creating another closed environment.

Before the installation is done a study to know which is the type of glass most suitable for the apartment. The floor, the positioning of the building and the frequency of winds are taken into account when planning.

Whichglassto use?

Balcony Glazing

There are two types of glass for the retractable design: the tempered and the laminate, which is a bit more expensive. Both are made to withstand winds.


The only problem with tempered glass is that, in the event of a break, the glass will shatter. But, just put a film on top to protect even more.


But before closing the balcony, you need to take some care and decide with the condo if you are allowed to install windows or windows.


If there is no assembly and some inhabitant decides to glaze the balcony, it can be characterized change of facade of the building.


Rede e Cia Glass specializes in the maintenance of balcony glazing systems, glass roofs, body guards and special structures.


The professionals are experienced and qualified, with services performed in the main condominiums of São Paulo and Litoral.


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