Advantages of Fiberglass Pools

There are many advantages of owing a fiberglass swimming pool over the traditional swimming pool. When having this type of pool installed it can take days where a traditional pool can take weeks. Installing a fiberglass pool you will excavate the site and then dig it out. Once this is done, the pool can be placed inside the hole, which is a one-piece shell. They are manufactured from fiberglass and coated with a gel that is similar to the gel used on pool slides and boats. A drawback with owning a this type pool is that they are more expensive than a traditional pool but they do come in a variety of shapes, tile patterns, and sizes. 

Traditional swimming pool maintenance frequently requires the services of a professional but with a fiberglass pool there is virtually no maintenance needed. These types of pools are also made from strong composite materials, which makes them able to withstand drastic changes in the temperature. They also do not need to be relined or resurfaced. If you get a hairline fracture in the bottom of this pool it rarely irrevocably damages the pool structure.

Traditional swimming pools are normally made of plaster or concrete, which can affect the pH level of the water but with a fiberglass pool that level is never affected. Because the pH level is never affected it is not necessary to apply so many chemicals to the water. The water also does not need as much circulation since there are not that many chemicals in the water. When there is a decrease in water circulation the pool pump is not working that hard so the utility bills are not as high. fiberglass pools

With traditional pools they will often absorb algae and make cleaning the pool difficult but a swimming pool made of fiberglass does not absorb algae. When there are algae present all you will need to do is use a broom or some other tool to direct the algae toward the main drain of the pool. It is easy to clean any rings left by sunscreen or body oil or dirt from a fiberglass pool. You just clean it as you would your bathtub by using a simple cleanser on a soft cloth or sponge to wipe them away.

Although there are more advantages than disadvantages with owning a fiberglass swimming pool, one big disadvantage is that water must remain in the pool at all times. If it needs drained and is not done correctly it could cause the structure to crack or buckle because of the pressure from the ground. If it needs drained you should contact the pool installer to do it or get the directions on how to correctly do it yourself.

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